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Why invest in real estate? Here are just a few good reasons:

  • Consistent returns. Over the long term, real estate in any local market has shown consistent growth in value, even when some other investment choices were less stable.
  • Forced savings. Contributing to a mortgage automatically forces a family to save. Rather than paying rent, these monthly payments contribute to future security.
  • Appreciation. Historically, if a property is held for 8+ years, the value appreciates from the initial investment by 1-12% (based on Residential & Commercial properties).
  • Tax-free profits. When your home is your principal residence, and you sell it, you will not pay tax on any of the profits.
  • Equity increase. The difference between what is outstanding on your mortgage and what your home is valued at is your earned equity. You could use this equity to obtain additional financing, obtain a second mortgage, or move-up to a larger Edmonton home.

Real estate is still a viable investment that offers excellent returns and security. Over the long term, there are few downturns. Your return could be substantial. Properly cared for property will almost always appreciate in value.

The investment experts at MaxWell Polaris have helped many investors, like yourself, make sound investment choices. We can point you to the profits. This is just another example of why MaxWell Polaris is Canada's Real Estate company of choice.

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