TMG the mortgage Goup is the largest mortgage brokerage in Edmonton, They deal with almost every bank and can get you a mortgage rate in Edmonton for lees than a bank can! The Edmonton mortgage market is very competitive, if you need a mortgage broker that will not charge you anything and that will get you the lowest mortgage rate, you can either call me or apply now on the website. A mortgage broker will call you and ca get you approved withing 20 minutes.

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Renaissance Place is one of my favorite apartment style condo's in downtown Edmonton. This building used to be a hotel, and has all of the ammenities of a hotel for a very low price! You can pick up a unit for under $200,000. This building in the downtown Edmonton core has a large swimming pool with 360 degree views of the river and downtown, a gym, bbq area's, hot tub, games room and more! I will be doing a call blitz this week on this building and will find new listings for open market. Call me to get your name on the list if you want to take a look at one of these units.

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