If you see a haze of condensation on your window, should you be concerned? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on a number of factors. 

First of all, an occasional build-up of condensation is normal and often the result of fluctuating humidity in the home. Usually, it’s nothing to worry about. If you’re using a humidifier, try adjusting the levels. If the humidity is being generated naturally, try placing a dehumidifier nearby. Also, remove any plants and firewood from the area, as they can release a surprising volume of moisture into the air. 

Do you see moisture in between the panes of glass that make up the window? If so, that means the seal has failed and moisture has crept in. Double and triple pane windows often contain a gas (argon, for example)…

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When you’re out-of-town, there are plenty of kennels and other facilities that will mind your dog or cat. In fact, the pet-care business is booming! However, the same options aren’t available for your houseplants. So what do you do? 

First, keep in mind that plants can go for several days or even a couple of weeks without water. This frequently happens in their natural habitats. So if you’re gone for just a few days, your flora will probably be fine. 

Flowering plants tend to need the most water. Give them an extra dose just before you leave. Also, make sure they are in indirect, rather than direct sunlight. That will help them conserve water. 

If you’re going to be away for a week or more, consider one of the several products on the market that…

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Edmonton resale home prices will soften and sales will slide further in 2016 — but not as much as other places in Alberta battered by a faltering economy, says a forecast by the Realtors Association of Edmonton.

“Edmonton and area has not felt the same effects of oil prices as the rest of Alberta has,” Steve Sedgwick, chair of the group, which represents 3,300 real estate agents in the Edmonton area, said Wednesday. “There’s a lot of exciting growth happening in Edmonton and we remain conservatively optimistic when it comes to our housing market.”

It’s an assessment backed by prominent economists, who say that Edmonton’s economy will slow in 2016, but not as much as other Alberta municipalities.

“While you’re going to continue to see some…

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dmonton, January 5, 2016: Sales of residential property through the Edmonton Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) System in 2015 in the Edmonton CMA were down 9% from 2014 but up over 1% from 2013. This decrease was reflected across all property types except duplex and rowhouse sales which were up 6%. Single family homes were down 9% over last year and condos were down 13%. There were 17,298 residential sales reported in 2015 as compared to 18,991 in 2014.

Although sales were down, prices are up year over year, with single family homes finishing the year over 1% higher relative to last year at an average price of $437,569. For 2015, the average price of a condo was $252,954 (up 0.4% from 2014) and the average price of all residential properties was…

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(Based on 30 days back) 

Active: 4414

Sold: 836

Average List Price: $480,197

Average Sale Price: $462,571

Average Days on Market: 49 days

 The city of Calgary's absorption rate is at 5.27% meaning we are in a buyers market. 18% of homes on the market today are expected to sell within the next 30 days and sellers are receiving 96% of asking price. 

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 (Based on 30 days back) 

Active: 293

Sold: 61

Average List Price: $377,193

Average Sale Price: $368,255

Average Days on Market: 59 days

 Airdrie's absorption rate is at 4.80% meaning we are in a buyers market. 20% of homes on the market today are expected to sell within the next 30 days and sellers are receiving 97% of asking price. 

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When you make an offer on a home, it’s a smart idea to have a professional home inspector check it out from top to bottom. This inspection will ensure that the property doesn’t have any unexpected “issues”. After all, you don’t want to buy a home only to discover that the roof needs to be replaced, immediately, for thousands of dollars. 

That being said, you might question whether you really need to invest the few hundred dollars it costs for a professional home inspection. “The home we want to buy looks like it’s in very good shape,” you might be thinking. “I can’t see anything wrong with it.” 

However, a professional home inspector can see things you can’t. When you view a property that’s on the market, you might be able to notice obvious issues,…

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